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My name is Jason Harrison, founder and operator of JH First Aid.


Why do I teach First Aid?


On the 3rd February 2011 my father (centre) suffered a cardiac arrest on a construction site. A work colleague Mark (left) had just updated his First Aid qualifications a few weeks earlier so his knowledge of CPR was fresh in his mind. He administered CPR on my father for 9 minutes until the ambulance arrived with an AED (defibrillator) to deal with his heart.

We were told my father had little chance of survival and should he survive he would need 24 hour care. Brain damage was highly likely (brain cells start to die after approximately 3 minutes without oxygen) Against all odds he recovered 100% and has no brain damage whatsoever, however he does not remember the episode. Without the help of my father's guardian angel and knowing how to administer CPR he would not be here today. Thank you Mark!

My aim is to train as many people as possible to know how to react in a similar scenario as my father was in. I would hope, if the same thing ever happened to me, there may be another person like Mark that would know what to do and give me a chance to tell the tale.

Call now on 07850 046555 or email for prices and course dates.

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